Craigslist Finds: Marble Top Dresser

Craigslist and Kijiji are my source for most of the wood furniture in my house.  I have three dressers, one desk, and one small cabinet from Craigslist that have all served me incredibly well.  I've posted about my desk and my kitchen dresser, but I haven't ever shown you my gorgeous marble top dresser I found for our dining room.  Feast your eyes:

Marbletop Dresser from Craigslist: $30

As you can see, there are at least two major flaws ... namely the marble was clearly dropped and is split down the middle and had a chunk out of the side. In addition, none of the drawers work, and one of the side supports is at such an angle it's amazing to me that the dresser still stands. 

But, I LOVE this dresser.  I love it so so much that when people suggest I could get new marble I feel resentment.  It works beautifully for us as an extra surface beside our little bar cart, it's also a sort of sideboard since our dining table is beside it. However, this dresser was $30 dollars for a reason, you can't put anything in the drawers, it needs some serious structural work, and the marble is beyond hope.  The point is, you can have whatever furniture in your house that speaks to you, whether or not you overhaul DIY it.  Not every dresser has to be perfect, or carefully painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and perfectly staged. You just have to love it, and if this dresser never gets DIY'd to death, I'm going to be okay with that. This dresser has a history, it's been moved, suffered cracks, been well loved, and I love all of its imperfections.