Three Ideas for Old Dressers

The DIY world has started to look at dressers and all their infinite possibilities in use around the home. THIS is a fantastic thing.  You can purchase a second hand dresser for sub 100 dollars, or you can buy one that someone has already lovingly refurbished (ahem) if you don't have the time or the patience for paint.  They already boast lots of storage, and the best part is that they come in SO many different sizes that finding one to fit your space is certainly possible. So here we are, their uses:

1. Dresser Kitchen Island.  
This baby is all over Pinterest, but again, you don't have to limit it to the standard three drawer antique style dresser.  Many DIYers out there are experimenting with different shaped dressers for a bigger, better look for their island. If you want to use it for food prep you'll have to treat the top of it specially or use a different counter top, however if like me, you have zero counter space and just want somewhere to put your kitchenaid or dishes or microwave while not in use, the it's easy!
oh the cutest of life from youresomartha (is it fate that I nearly named my blog becomingmartha? I think so.) 
and another turquoise beauty from remodelaholic
and this one from sanityandchaos which she paints two colours, and I love both choices

2. Dresser in the Bathroom.
This is a godsend if you have one of those
teeny tiny bathroom vanities with one cupboard.  There are a lot of amazing people out there getting crazy crafty on us and turning them into vanities complete with sink - this is amazing and ambitious.  I won't lie, I want to do this.  But in the meantime while I know nothing about plumbing, plopping a painted up little dresser in your bathroom gives you infinitely more storage.  And best of all, even if you have a tiny bathroom, there is a tall, skinny, or short and tiny dresser out there that will fit.

an incredible dresser turned vanity from paintingtheroseswhite (she made it sound so easy I'm practically salivating to try it)

aaaah! cutest.  from countryliving 

Amelie has one, so this means we all should. podhoppergirl noticed first. 

3. Dresser in the Entryway/Cupboard.
Oh people love this.  You put an adorable, painted dresser in your entryway and style it up with cute items on top, when lurking in it's drawers are EVERYTHING YOU NEVER KNEW WHERE TO PUT. You get three messy drawers instead of the typical one in the kitchen.  Or if you' re the organized sort, put all your winter mitts and scarves in the drawers to grab as you go out the door.  The possibilities are endless.
cuteypants. you see who it's from but here's the link centastionalgirl
limey cutness liveitupalittle
last cuteness mixandchic
Voila, some ideas to get the wheels turning. Halfway through November, how did we get here? Happy Christmas shopping! xo

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