Mason Jar Soap Dispenser (with a twist)

I love my vintage teal mason jars.  I do.  But other than making various twinkle lights out of them, they've mostly been adorning my kitchen as purely decorative.
NO MORE.  Time to put them to work.  Last night I stayed home and did graduate school homework (boo).  Once I had accomplished enough (though it's never really enough) I got bored, started watching The Apartment, and began tinkering with my mason jar.
I borrowed a nozzle from a giant bottle of aloe vera, took the metal lid from my non-vintage mason jar, and grabbed my Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray paint.  Why? Because I loved the look of this jar, with the dispenser and ring the same dark colour (except that it costs 24 dollars from Shop Terrain HAHA as if)
As opposed to this:

Come on apartment therapy, I expect more from you.  

Mason Jar
Metal top of new mason jar if you are using a vintage one with a glass top
Spray Paint in the colour of your choice (Oil Rubbed Bronze is lovely)
Plastic nozzle

How To

1. Spray Paint the pieces
I tested on the vintage rim just in case it didn't stick or ruined it or something, turns out it doesn't!
I know, I know.  I'm quite the professional.  
Ha! Didn't see this coming did you? That's some professional crafting right here.  You want to hold the nozzle up like this so that any excess can drip off and you don't get lumps.  I did this a minute too late, and mine has a lump ... but I still love it. 

2. Punch a hole the size of the largest part of the nozzle in the metal top

I have no pictures of this because let's just say, I didn't use a drill like all the smart crafters out there.  I used a hammer and nail, and then a knife, and then scissors.  It was messy and ugly but it worked! 

3. Put it all together, and try to make some pretty staging photos like all those blogs I envyyyy 
It's not perfect, you can see the drips ... but c'est la vie.  Crafting projects often take one or two times to perfect!

Two Tips for when you do this at home: 

1.  Punch the hole in the metal top first ... and use a drill and scissors :)
2.  Prop the nozzle up so that the paint can drip and spread evenly

Happy Making loves xo 

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  1. would look even cooler and better with a real metal soap pump top you can find them cheap at the pumps are around 2 bucks each.