Woes and Baking Things

Currently I am apartment hunting in Toronto.  I came across this ad http://toronto.en.craigslist.c​a/tor/apa/2519064425.html which encapsulates my feelings on the subject.  Okay so not totally, there are some good ones out there, but luck isn't on my side for the time being, and neither is money.  The Alberta government seems to think I can LIVE (rent, bills, food, cat food, other normal things) on 9000 in the most expensive city in Canada.  HA. So funny, so funny. To distract myself from the depression of it all, I've resorted baking plans and new measuring cups. Martha Stewart has this fantastic list of her top 40 good things that I will show you soon.  In it is one of my most favourite things to do while baking; measure everything out beforehand, put all the ingredients away, and have a lovely set up to bake in the most organized way.  To do this, you need pretty bowls and containers.  This has led me to decide that I absolutely have to collect cafe au lait bowls later in life, and have a cupboard like this one to display them:

Courtesy of one Miss Martha Stewart and some guy named James Dunlinson whose house these bowls are from

In the meantime I content myself by baking with these bowls from Crate and Barrel (another love of mine, naturally).  They're called Mini Parker Bowls (which obviously makes me think of Camilla Parker Bowles and then I wonder if they person who named these did too .... pun pun puns).  But when I bought them they came in better colours MUHA.

And these so, so, so perfect measuring cups from Anthropologie.

I will smugly say they no longer sell these particular ones, but you can find some fairly darling baking things there anyways, even if you can't have my flower measuring cups. 

And so I bake some strawberry scones, or lemon muffins, or cheese and chive biscuits, with pretty bowls while skyping with loved ones as if it's a cooking show for one, and forget that I might be a homeless grad student living in Toronto. (recipes in the near future, salivate in the meantime.) <3 

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