Let's Talk Lighting

I love a good twinkle light. They remind me of the fireflies I never got to see or catch as a child.  In case you're thinking it, twinkle lights are not only for Christmas or summer dinner parties.  No no.  They are for whenever you want and wherever you want, indoors and outdoors.  Example time.

Twinkle lights in mason jars, or any jars for that matter. Too cute.  Also helps satisfy your craving for fireflies in a jar if you never caught any in your infancy (like moi). No I did not think of this, I just wish I had.
Courtesy of ljc@flickr

Etsy is all over this in case you're the buying kind: treasureagain (solar mason jar lights!), BootsNGusetaknamdoow (battery powered!).  If you're the "I want to do it myself and make it better and cheaper" kind, then I will post my own examples when I get bored and lonely in Toronto.

Bored of the traditional twinkle light?  Replace the word "twinkle" with "party", voila:
String your party lights or twinkles above a fireplace, across a shelf, over large book shelves (or better yet twisted around old ladders you're using as shelves), around/across bed frames, around a mirror ... Or get the kind that hang in straight lines and let them drape from walls, behind curtains, off of counters and kitchen islands ... 

twinkle curtains

 twinkle shelves courtesy of fellow blogger http://janis-roseanne.blogspot.com
twinkle canopy
twinkle walls
twinkle mirror
Twinkle headboard 
These lights tends to have the same effect that painting ugly furniture white does, it disguises, distracts, and creates a mood for your home with hardly any money or effort.  They also make everything feel cozy and pretty. If you don't like your flooring or furniture or cupboards, turn off all the lights, turn on your twinkle lights and pretend they don't exist. Twinkle on. 

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  1. These are beautiful! I am just a new blogger, and I was wondering if I could use your mason jar/ light picture on mine? Thanks so much!!