Home Hardware, Krug, and most importantly, Mason Jar TwinkleLight

There was a furniture mishap.  I am not the most patient of girls, so I jumped with both feet and a can of white acrylic enamel spray paint.  Woe is us. It did not dry well, and stayed sticky, and it required some hefty back pedaling.  But now we're back on track and on the right track this time!
In the meantime this is my new home away from home.  I've been here six times, it is aptly named.

Some good news, I discovered an old stamp on the bottom of my chair ... a potential sign of old, well made furniture.  Once I took a photo of it, I could finally stop squinting at the bottom of the chair for minutes on end and see that it says ... Krug!


Krug is a furniture company  founded in 1880 in Kitchener (named Berlin at the time and changed in 1919 when we first started hating the Germans for real, fun fact!).  My chair looks fairly ancient so in my extremely professional opinion, maybe from the 40's???? I'm guesstimating, it's a science. 

Enough of that, time to prove to you that I practice what I preach.  Yes I paint furniture white, yes I love organization, and yes I did make a mason jar twinkle light. 

Except I'm calling it a nightlight.  Cause I live alone now in a big city and I am 25 and still occasionally (read: nearly every night) afraid of the dark and of boogie men who might be lurking in my closet.  Clearly, a mason jar twinkle night light will scare them off.  Plus Halloween is coming up, and don't get me wrong I am Halloween's #1 fan.  However, I like tiny tot style Halloween, I like beautiful pumpkins and whimsical costumes and candy.  I do NOT like seeing trailers for Paranormal Activity 3 on tv. No no no I'm more of a Hocus Pocus kind of girl.  Happy October xo 

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