Modern Farmhouse, Shabby Chic

Turns out I have a decorating style. It's getting worse (better?) everyday. I'm terrified that one day I will look around my apartment and realize that I've gone overboard on the slightly modernized shabby/farmhouse/chic. Oh yes, it's a sickness. Let me give you a perfect example. I now adore mason jars. I want them in my life everyday. I want to do EVERYTHING in this apartment therapy article with them. Although, much like with twinkle lights, I don't want them just for summer parties, I want them ALL, THE, TIME.  I want my dishwashing liquid in vintage seltzer bottles.  I want most of my furniture to be classic, that has been found and refurbished by moi.  I want cute mismatched chairs all painted in soft turquoise for a kitchen I do not currently have.  I want antique doors and windows turned into desks, shelves, cabinets, and decor.

The worst part is ... I want to do it all myself.  I want to find, woodwork, electrify, paint, carve, and glue these things until I have each and every object my heart desires.  My boyfriend claims to understand my wants and needs in this department, but I'm afraid he is woefully out of touch with it.  One day he'll wake up, look around our apartment, and realize everything is painted black, white, or grey except for some choice chairs and throw pillows.  Next he will notice that NONE of our furniture is new.  Shortly after that he'll start noticing the accessories I've scattered around the place; old jars, handmade picture frames, candles galore, lanterns out the hoo-haa, and of course twinkle lights.  My apartment will become the shabbiest, chic there ever was. I try to discourage myself by googling "modern shabby chic apartments" and alas just get glassy eyed and envision my apartment looking like this:

This one from homedesignfind
this look is much more traditional shabby chic, and a little toooo girly for me but I still love the distressing!
courtesy of Vogue Living, this is more haute couture french shabby chic, gorgeous but a little tad expensive ...
And this kitchen which is lovely and white with a sneak peak of a farmhouse table in the right corner but with duct work and stainless appliances, mmmm modern and shabby. 
All this being said and viewed, I don't love shabby chic in the traditional doily/pink/romantic sense of the style. I'm a modern, slightly more country chic kind of girl.  I like a mix of black and white, I like old farmy-er furniture and I am a scourge of pink.  But in writing this blog I'm beginning to have fanatical (fantastical) ideas like I did as a kid. However,  I am now a grown up and I can do what I want.  Let me explain.  One of my original posts was about painting old furniture white.  Pair that with my yearning to have an adorable business (like a cute furniture shop or a flower shop or a bakery.  Pair that with this post.  Pair that with my impoverished state and money scheming. Pair that with my obsession with pretty things and projects.  And voila, you've got a new idea.  Let the furniture hunting and flipping begin.  Projects and furniture photos to come, once I get a car to transport my loot back home.

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