How to: Farmhouse Chic

I wrote a post a little while back (click here to read it) where I described my style as shabby chic but a little more modern and farmhouse-ish and a little less floral and white. But let's get specific shall we?

1. If you're simply a massive fan of farmhouse tables, as I am, but you're worried that a farm-ish table plus some painted chairs from the 80's might be too too, pair that gorgeous table with a modern chair.  This concept is ALL over the internet, because once apartment therapy does an article on it, it's over. The key is to have two different textures or colours, so if you've got a traditional farmy table, get yourself a metal, plastic, or coloured chair to offset it and not throw your house back into the 80's or worse (wait, probably better) the 1800's.
from Apartment Therapy, obviously. 

2. Keep it simple. The shabby chic movement was not only about distressed furniture, but it also seemed to be about cramming a lot of it in a small space to make it look cozy.  Think Swede and keep the furniture on the meagre side. Get some good storage solutions in big old, distressed armoires, or tall black book cases, and also throw out half your stuff. The Swedes want you to. Sorry.

 3. Less white, more noir.  If you are a shabbychic die hard this is not for you. But mixing in some other coloured furniture is key to keeping it more farmhouse/traditional and less girly/shabby.  Making sure you have darker tones (greys, greens, deep blues, blacks, dark purples if you're crazy like that), and other textures besides plushy velvet and soft cotton is helpful.  Incorporating leather (or faux if you're pro-cow), burlap, patterns, and some non-white woods and metals is crucial.
These first three images come from Darryl Carter's Virginia Country House.  Ooooh JEALOUS.  
These last two come from Sean Scherer's Catskills House copyright New York Times 2009.  Even more jealous. 

4. Accessorize.  Materials and style to keep in mind are: worn, wire, wood, vintage, and as the Swedes say, minimal.  Pick things you like, antique markets are great places to find little trinkets to put on your shelves ... If you need inspiration, anything Restoration Hardware has knocked off and made new is a good place to start. Then, go to the antique market and find the real thing for cheaper! Turning funny old pieces into new things is helpful, wire baskets into magazine holders, anything suitable into planters, old bottles to organizers ...
teal mason jars, true love.
Wire basket, Restoration Hardware, for 1 ZILLION DOLLARS for FAKE VINTAGE WHYYYYY. 
In the end, what do we keep from shabby chic? We keep white back drops (floors and walls), distressed furniture, and coziness.  We pair it with different colours and textures for furniture and textiles, we go a tad more minimal, and we personalize it with antique-y accents that we love and we stay away from overly sparkled chandeliers and too much glass/mirrors.  Et voila, farmhouse chic, the look of my future apartment, stay tuned.  Happy Winter xo.

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